Conservation & Demand Management

The path toward 100% renewable energy starts with you. Making a conscious effort to conserve power at home is an easy, effective and economical way to contribute to the cause. Even small steps, like changing the settings on your thermostat, can have a big impact on our ability to achieve our goals

Using less can also help you spend less. Conserving energy at home can reduce the cost of your monthly hydro and electric bills. Incentive and rebate programs are also available for those willing to switch to high-efficiency appliances and heating/cooling systems.

Follow the links below for more information about energy conservation and the cost benefits of conserving energy at home.

  • Ministry of Energy – Saving Energy for Home
  • Canadian Energy Efficiency Alliance - Efficiency Tips
  • Environment Canada – Eco-tips
  • Save On Energy – Programs for Home
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Renewable energy at home

You can also create renewable energy in your own backyard – and get paid for it. In Ontario, homeowners can take part in the microFit program, which provides eligible participants with the opportunity to develop a small renewable electricity generation project (10 kilowatts (kW) or less in size) on their property. Under this program, you will be paid a guaranteed price over a 20-year term (40 years for waterpower projects) for all the electricity you produce and deliver to the province’s electricity grid. To learn more, visit

Renewable energy can also be used as an alternative source of power for your home. Solar panels, small wind turbines and other technologies can be purchased and installed privately to replace or supplement non-renewable energy sources.

For more information about creating and using your own renewable energy system, visit

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